• MARCH 2016: As part of the Art Across Oceans partnership program between Kohl Children’s Museum and Play Africa, I travelled to Johannesburg, South Africa to facilitate a collaborative art/art education project using on monoprinting and stop motion animation as a way to work with children aged 4 to 10 to concretely address notions of collaboration, place, local culture and international identities,  with Khehla Chepapa Makgato (Johannesburg) and Ayesha Price (Cape Town). In April, we co-facilitated the program back in the States.

Here is a video about the project in Johannesburg

Here is a radio interview about the project

Here is an interview about the project

  • March & February 2016: Posted two blog interviews, one with papermaker Suzanne Sebold (resident in November 2015) and the other with printmaker Rachel Davis (resident in February 2016) about each of their experiences with collaboration, their own art making practices and as an artist-in-residence at the Kohl Children’s Museum. 

  • End of the year/New Year round up:

I collaborated on one more blog post with Colleen Abel for the Threadless blog.

Started a new blog focused on early childhood education and to highlight the going-ons of the Education Department and Programming at the Kohl Children’s Museum. New posts by me or my fellow educators appear monthly.

I got to participate in a portfolio review with MARN president, Pamela Anderson as part of the Racine Art Museum’s professional development series.

I am going to South Africa! Thanks to being awarded a MacArthur Grant to support the collaborative art exchange, title: Art Across Oceans, between the Kohl Children’s Museum and Play Africa. More info coming!

My work with the Kohl Children’s Museum, in the Adventures in Art Art Studio was highlighted twice by the Chicago Tribune: here and here.

I will be presenting at the Opening Minds Conference , sponsored by the Chicago Metro Association for the Education Young Children in January, about my roots in Art Therapy and teaching art to the whole child. 

  • MAY 2015: I had a ton of fun participating in the Inspiring Nature Play: Digging Deeper Conference at the Chicago Botanic Garden. It was a great conference, and great to be invited to present on finding connections in art through the natural world!

  • MARCH 2015: Hello Sketchbook Project! I sent in two projects this year, one as a collaborative effort with the visitors to the Art Studio at the Kohl Children’s Museum called Winter Monoprints and one of my own work titled look for pattern.

  • JANUARY 2015: I was Honored to present about the power of Observational Drawing at the Opening Minds Conference, sponsored by Chicago Metro Association for the Education Young Children.

  • AUGUST 2014: A collaborative mural created by 16 teens that interned, as part of the Art Xpress program, at the Milwaukee Art Museum will be on view on the side of a Milwaukee County City Bus for the next eight months. I was the lead art educator, with Redline Resident Artist, Natalie Schmitting as co-teacher and Jessica Janzer as college art education intern. You can read about what Jessica Janzer wrote about the process here.

  • JUNE 2014: I will have an installation exhibited at the Urban Institute of Contemporary Art through the Exit Space Project, on view for June and July.

  • JANUARY 2014: I am a featured artist in the 365 Artists 365 Days project. Check out the interview here.

  • SEPTEMBER 2013: Back in 2011, I had the chance to install “Urban Terrane” at a fantastic storefront gallery, Art On Armitage (scroll down to June), in Chicago. Coincidentally, my process was partially captured by Google Street View (click on Street view, and navigate back to Armitage since it positions you at the corner on Kedvale) as they mapped the intersection! If you scroll up and down Armitage Ave., you can see me working on my installation. *Short-lived glory, Google updated that street view July 2014, I am no longer captured. 

  • AUGUST 2013:  A collaborative mural created by 16 teens that interned, as part of the Art Xpress program, at the Milwaukee Art Museum will be on view on the side of a Milwaukee County City Bus for the next eight months. I was the lead art educator, with John Kowalcyzk as co-teacher.

  • JUNE 2013: It’s official! I will have a solo show, that collaborates with poems by Rachel Jamison Webster at the University of Wisconsin-Madson Union South-Gallery 1308. It will open June 14th!

  • MAY 2013: I will have three new works: error as architecture, twice removed & rain devil redux, in “Abstraction: Methods & Materials” with Kristin Haas & John Kolwalcyzk at the Racine Art Council’s ArtSpace Gallery in Racine, WI from May 3rd to June 22nd, 2013.

  • APRIL 2013: I was mentioned as a stand out and unexpected part of the Stellar, at the Minnesota Center for Book Arts in an interview with the curator of the show, Tracy Doreen Deitzel, with the American Craft Council.

  • MARCH 2013: I will have a large installation work up at Via Downer for their “Cream City Pulp: Young Printmakers’ Showcase.” It is a continuation of the Interior Logic series that began last October, it is titled:  Interior Logic: Sky of Honey.

  • JANUARY 2013: My sketchbook I created for the Sketchbook Project, titled borrowed itineraries, will be included in the Brother can you Spare a Stack show at the Center for Book Arts in New York City. The show runs from January 18th to March 30th.

  • DECEMBER 2012: I will be creating a site responsive installation titled: Pages from the Milky Way, as part of Stellar at the Minnesota Center for Book Arts. The show runs from January 25 to May 5, 2013.

  • NOVEMBER 2012: I have two essays on the Milwaukee Art Museum’s blog. One is a visual/photo essay on the evolution of a community/school based collaborative project I undertook in October. The second is an essay titled: “Connecting the Dots,” which focuses on the importance of process in artmaking through discussing the Bauhaus, Pixar and Felix Baumgartner.

  • OCTOBER 2012: My sketchbook, titled borrowed itineraries, was chosen from the nearly 22,000 sketchbooks to be included in The Sketchbook Project’s first mobile library tour, called A Landmark & A Mission. If you are in Pittsburgh, Ann Arbor or Cleveland in early November, look for the yellow library trailer! Follow the above link for dates & location specifics.

  • OCTOBER 2012: I will have two large paperworks: Interior Logic Studies: Red Rain, up at the 10th Street Gallery, in Milwaukee, WI, in a show with Melissa Wagner-Lawler, for the month of October.

  • AUGUST 2012: My installation, “River Terrane” will be on view at 309 Pearl Street, in La Crosse, WI as part of their Storefront Art Project

  • AUGUST 2012: A Print Portfolio, titled: Mind the Gap, that I will be co-curating with Sara Parr was chosen to be included in upcoming the Southern Graphics Council Conference taking place in Milwaukee, WI.  The portfolio will feature nine prints that documents the dialogue between participating writers and printmakers.

  • JANUARY 2012: My installation, ” shadow terrane” was selected  for the show, “Accumulation: past & present”  at the Whittier Gallery in Minneapolis, MN by guest juror John Rasmussen of The Midway Contemporary Art Center.

  • JANUARY 2012: Interview & Review of my show: “Horizons in Translation” for the Metro Gallery in Reno, NV

  • JULY 2011: Tip Jar Thursday, from the Arthouse Coop, discusses my entry to the Sketchbook Project.